VILLAGE OF GRAFTON NOTES TO FINANCIAL STATEMENTS As of and for the Year Ended December 31, 2016 NOTE III - DETAILED NOTES ON ALL FUNDS (cont.) I. NET POSITION/FUND BALANCES Net position reported on the government wide statement of net position at December 31, 2016, includes the following: Governmental Activities Net Investment in Capital Assets Land $ 12,899,460 Intangible assets 407,071 Other capital assets, net of accumulated depreciation 44,498,724 Less: Long-term debt outstanding (31,788,456) Plus: Unspent capital related debt proceeds 407,293 Plus: Net of unamortized debt premium, discount and refunding loss 838,414 Total Net Investment in Capital Assets 27,262,506 Restricted Debt service 348,201 Fire and rescue equipment 1,857,433 Revolving loans 737,913 Cemetery 94,665 Impact fees 394,743 Total Restricted 3,432,955 Unrestricted 6,868,548 Total Governmental Activities Net Position $ 37,564,009 77