VILLAGE OF GRAFTON NOTES TO FINANCIAL STATEMENTS As of and for the Year Ended December 31, 2016 NOTE III - DETAILED NOTES ON ALL FUNDS (cont.) B. RECEIVABLES Revenues of the village are reported net of uncollectible amounts. Total uncollectible amounts related to revenues of the current period are as follows: Uncollectibles related to ambulance receivables $ 25,607 Governmental funds report unavailable or unearned revenue in connection with receivables for revenues that are not considered to be available to liquidate liabilities of the current period. Property taxes levied for the subsequent year are not earned and cannot be used to liquidate liabilities of the current period. Governmental funds also defer revenue recognition in connection with resources that have been received, but not yet earned. At the end of the current fiscal year, the various components of unavailable revenue and unearned revenue reported in the governmental funds were as follows: Unearned Unavailable Property taxes receivable for subsequent year $ 10,009,440 $ - Special assessments not yet due - 123,872 Total Unearned/Unavailable Revenue for Governmental Funds $ 10,009,440 $ 123,872 Unearned revenue included in deferred inflows 10,009,440 Total Unearned Revenue for Governmental Funds $ 10,009,440 64