VILLAGE OF GRAFTON NOTES TO FINANCIAL STATEMENTS As of and for the Year Ended December 31, 2016 NOTE I - SUMMARY OF SIGNIFICANT ACCOUNTING POLICIES (cont.) D. ASSETS, DEFERRED OUTFLOWS OF RESOURCES, LIABILITIES, DEFERRED INFLOWS OF RESOURCES, AND NET POSITION OR EQUITY (cont.) 5. Capital Assets (cont.) Government-Wide Statements (cont.) Depreciation and amortization of all exhaustible capital assets is recorded as an allocated expense in the statement of activities, with accumulated depreciation and amortization reflected in the statement of net position. Depreciation and amortization is provided over the assets' estimated useful lives using the straight-line method. The range of estimated useful lives by type of asset is as follows: Buildings and improvements 10-50 Years Equipment and furnishings 5-50 Years Infrastructure 25-100 Years Water utility system 4-107 Years Wastewater utility system 7-100 Years Intangible assets - easements Indefinite Years Fund Financial Statements In the fund financial statements, capital assets used in governmental fund operations are accounted for as capital outlay expenditures of the governmental fund upon acquisition. Capital assets used in proprietary fund operations are accounted for the same way as in the government-wide statements. 6. Deferred Outflows of Resources A deferred outflow of resources represents a consumption of net position/fund balance that applies to a future period and will not be recognized as an outflow of resources (expense/expenditure) until that future time. A deferred charge on refunding arises from the advance refunding of debt. The difference between the cost of the securities placed in trust for future payments of the refunded debt and the net carrying value of that debt is deferred and amortized as a component of interest expense over the shorter of the term of the refunding issue or the original term of the refunded debt. The unamortized amount is reported as a deferred outflow of resources in the government-wide and proprietary fund financial statements. 52