As shown on the following chart, the revenues of the Grafton Water and Wastewater Utility included capital grants and contributions, investment income, and miscellaneous income in addition to charges for services (operating revenues). Financial Analysis of the Government’s Funds As noted earlier, the Village of Grafton uses fund accounting to ensure and demonstrate compliance with finance-related legal requirements. Governmental funds. The focus of the Village of Grafton’s governmental funds is to provide information on near-term inflows, outflows, and balances of spendable resources. Such information is useful in assessing the Village of Grafton’s financing requirements. In particular, committed, assigned and unassigned fund balances may serve as a useful measure of a government’s net resources available for spending at the end of the fiscal year. As of December 31, 2016, the Village of Grafton’s governmental funds reported combined ending fund balances of $9,887,994, an increase of $556,932 over the prior year. Approximately 63 percent or $6,211,857 is available for spending at the government’s discretion (committed, assigned and unassigned fund balance). The remainder of the fund balance is restricted or non-spendable to indicate that it is not available for new spending because it has already been committed 1) to pay debt service ($424,568), 2) to pay for capital equipment and projects ($1,278,676), 3) for long term receivables from participants of the Village of Grafton’s economic development revolving loan fund ($737,913), 4) to generate income to pay for the perpetual care of the municipal cemetery ($94,665), and 5) for prepaid items, delinquent taxes, and non-current receivables ($1,140,315). Charges for Services 97% Capital Grants and Contributions 2% Investment Income & Misc Revenue 1% Revenues by Source - Business-type Activities 20