equalized value increase from the tax incremental base value in 2006 was $40.1 million. In 2009 the Village approved an amendment to the original plan enabling the district to donate funds to TID No. 3 - Downtown Redevelopment and in 2010 approved an amendment enabling the district to donate funds to TID No. 4 – South Commercial District. The Water Utility currently has six deep wells with a capacity of 5,283,360 gallons per day. The 2016 average daily water pumped was 1,039,636 gallons per day or approximately 20 percent of the total supply capacity. A ‘Water System Master Plan’ study was last updated in 2015. The Village Board accepted the plan in February, 2016. The plan indicated that the Village’s current groundwater supply should be adequate through the Plan’s planning period (2035) and beyond. The Village’s east side pressure zone will require additional water storage (150,000 gallons) or pumping capacity (500 gallons per minute) in approximately 10 years. The Village’s west side pressure zone needs additional water storage (300,000 gallons) or pumping capacity (1,500 gallons per minute) at the present time. Operation of the existing Interzone Transfer Station can compensate for the current pressure needs. A water main infrastructure replacement program has been developed to focus attention on high maintenance and critical sections of water main. The Utility’s wastewater treatment plant currently discharges treated wastewater directly to the Milwaukee River. The facility’s most recent discharge permit was renewed on June 28, 2015 and expires June 30, 2020. A construction upgrade to the treatment plant was completed in 2005 and effectively increased the treatment capacity from 1,600,000 gallons per day to 2,500,000 gallons per day. The project was completed at a cost of $684,000 and should extend the plant’s service life until 2024. In 2016, the average daily flow to the treatment plant was 1,490,000 gallons per day or 60 percent of the design flow capacity. Administratively, water and sewer rate studies were completed in 2013. A water rate increase request was approved by the Village Board of Trustees and submitted to the Public Service Commission in January, 2014. The water rate increases was approved effective March 19, 2014. The water and sewer rates increased 7.2 and 9.0 percent, respectively. The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin classifies the Village utility as an AB utility. An AB classification is for utilities with a customer base in excess of 4,000. Grafton had an average customer base of 4,772 in 2016. In 2017, the Village will be completing a new rate study. MAJOR INITIATIVES FOR THE YEAR Development in 2016 remained stable. A 23,000 square foot addition to Pace Industries was approved. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2017. It is anticipated there will be 60 new employees as a result of this addition. On the Village’s east side, Grafton Marketplace started construction of a three-tenant commercial building totaling 9,830 square feet on one of the Meijer outlots. Construction will be completed in 2017 and Firehouse Subs, Heartland Dental and Bentley’s Pet Stuff are anticipated to open in early 2017. Two additional Meijer outlots remain for development. 5