I recently moved in/out of the Village of Grafton. How do I update my Water & Wastewater Utility account?

Please report your move via our website using the following directions:

Go to https://www.village.grafton.wi.us/FormCenter/Water-Utility-4/Account-Update-Form-38.

Under Request Type, click on the bullet point that represents your situation: Billing Address/Name Change, Move In/Out - Rental, Home Sale/Purchase, or Other.

*Please note that we do not have a specific form for Commerical or Industrial properties. If you have recently purchased/sold a Commerical or Industrial property, please fill out the Home Sale/Purchase form. If you have recently moved in/out of a rental Commercial or Industrial property, please fill out the Move In/Out - Rental form.

Complete the boxes.

Click on submit on the bottom left.

The form will be sent to City Water to update the account. There will be no confirmation of your submission - you can exit the page after clicking submit.

Once the account is updated, you will receive a New Resident Packet in the mail with general information about billing, payment options, and your new account number.

If you have any questions, please contact the Utility Office at 262-375-5330.

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