Can I tour the fire station?

Absolutely! Each year during Fire Prevention Week (October) we have a large Open House event with tours, activities for kids and demonstrations of our equipment. In addition, we welcome community groups and individuals to stop in throughout the year. To schedule a tour, please contact our Administrative Assistant during normal business hours at 262-375-5314.

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1. How many calls does the Grafton Fire Department respond to in a year?
2. If I call the fire department/ambulance, will I be charged?
3. Why did the dispatcher ask so many questions when I called 9-1-1?
4. I live in Grafton, but why did an ambulance/fire engine from another community respond to my house?
5. Can I tour the fire station?
6. How is the Grafton Fire Department staffed?
7. Can I burn (bonfire, grill, etc.) or have a fire pit in Grafton?
8. How do I get more information about joining the fire department?
9. How many stations and members does the department have?