What is the on-call schedule?

Paid-on-call members are assigned to one of the four duty crews. Each duty crew is responsible for calls during their assigned hours on a rotating basis. During the week (Monday-Friday), duty crew members are expected to respond from 6pm-6am (12 hours). On weekends (Saturday & Sunday) the shifts are 6am-6am (24 hours). During their scheduled time, duty crew members are expected to be available and within a reasonable response distance to the fire station (generally no more than 5 minutes away).

Example: You are assigned Duty Crew 1. Duty Crew 1 is on-call this Monday from 6pm-6am. DC1 members are then off-duty Tuesday-Thursday and would then be on-call Friday from 6pm-6am. The following week, DC1 would be on-call Tuesday night and all day Saturday. 

What happens if I have other commitments during my on-call time? The department understands that our members have lives outside of our organization. In order to maintain adequate coverage of on-call hours, we encourage members to trade hours with someone from one of the other three duty crews and/or work with your duty crew Lieutenant or Captain to find coverage.

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