What are the ‘flat charges’ on my water bill?

All water customers are billed quarterly ‘flat charges’ or fixed fees based upon the size of your water meter. These charges are the same each quarter regardless of the volume of water used. For the typical residential customer with a 5/8 inch meter the current water flat charges are $20.86 per quarter and the sewer flat charges are $63.00 per quarter. These charges are generally customer related and include account administrative fees and metering related costs. Another fixed charge on the typical water bill is identified as a “PFP” charge or ‘public fire protection’ cost of service. The PFP charge is also based upon the meter size and currently amounts to $10.10 per quarter for the typical residential customer. The PFP charge is one that covers the Utility’s cost to provide fire hydrants and oversized water mains necessary for public fire protection services.

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