Lottery Credit

Owners of a home in Wisconsin who use the home as their primary residence on January 1 of the year in which property taxes are levied are eligible to receive a Lottery and Gaming Credit. Primary residence is defined as the home where an individual lives more than six months of the year. If temporarily absent, it is the home to which the owner returns. Only one primary residence may be claimed. Renters do not qualify. [ss. 79.10(1)(dm), (9)(bm) Wis. Stats.] The Lottery and Gaming Credit appears as a credit that reduces the property taxes due on your property tax bill.

An owner who qualifies for the credit, but whose tax bill does not reflect the credit, may claim the credit until January 31 following the issuance of the tax bill with the treasurer responsible for collecting the property taxes. [s. 79.10(10)(bm) Wis. Stats.] You can file a late claim with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue from February 1 until October 1 of the year following the issuance of the tax bill.

The school district in which you live determines the amount of the Lottery and Gaming Credit you receive for property within the Village of Grafton.