Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The Grafton Fire Department is a Paramedic-level service, which means that Advanced Life Support (ALS) capabilities are available for emergencies such as cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, strokes, trauma and many more. GFD maintains two ALS ambulances and several "first response" vehicles to provide rapid response.

EMS calls account for approximately 80% of emergency responses for GFD. 


GFD prides itself on being a full-service firefighting organization with modern equipment and training methods.

Although structure fires are rare, GFD responds to 300 fire-related calls per year. These calls include alarms, vehicle fires, hazardous material spills, grass fires, smoke/odor investigations, structure fires and more.

All GFD Firefighters are state-certified through the WI Technical College System and International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC).


GFD responds to numerous vehicle crashes per month. The Grafton response area includes major roadways like Interstate 43, State Highway 60 and State Highway 32. Other major roadways include Lakefield Road, Pioneer Road, and Port Washington Road.

In addition to vehicle crashes, GFD utilizes our extrication tools/equipment to rescue patients trapped in industrial machinery.

Rope Rescue

GFD is trained and equipped to respond to situations that require the use of ropes to rescue patients. Although rare, GFD does respond to several rope rescue calls each year. These calls generally take place along the bluffs of Lake Michigan, however there are other areas of Grafton where access to a patient may require the use of ropes.

GFD participates in a cooperative agreement with Southern Ozaukee, Saukville and Port Washington Fire Departments to assist each other with rope rescue calls.

Swiftwater Rescue

Another capability of the Grafton Fire Department is to respond to situations involving swift and flood water rescue. Our Rescue Swimmers are trained and certified in various techniques to assist a victim that is in danger of drowning.

Typical swiftwater emergencies include overturned boats/kayaks, people that fell into fast moving water or those stranded by rising flood water.

Rescue Task Force

In high-risk situations, like an active shooter, time is critical to rescuing as many victims as possible. The Grafton Fire Department routinely trains with members of area law enforcement to work as a combined team (task force) to reach victims in the hazard zone, triage their injuries, stabilize them and move them to an area of refuge and/or transport them as quickly as possible.

EMS personnel are outfitted with special protective gear and carry trauma supplies (tourniquets, chest seals, bandaging, etc.) to the victim.  The goal is to control bleeding and maintain a patent airway until further care can be rendered on scene or at a local hospital.

Ice Rescue

Cold Wisconsin winters bring additional hazards to the area including ice formation on rivers, lakes and ponds. GFD trains annually on rescue scenarios involving victims that have broken through the ice.

Specialized equipment carried by GFD includes ice water rescue suits, ropes, specially designed inflatable boats and more.