Curbside Recycling

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Recycling collection is done on a bi-weekly basis.

All recyclables must be placed into your recycle cart and the cart must be placed at the curb on your designated day for collection. 

Recyclables SHOULD NOT be bagged. Paper may be placed in paper bags. PLASTIC BAGS OF ANY TYPE SHOULD NOT BE PLACED IN YOUR RECYLCLING BIN. However, plastic bags ARE recyclable. Drop them off at most local grocery stores.

Place your cart at the end of your driveway or on the grass between the sidewalk and curb. The carts shall be 4 feet apart from each other and at least 4 feet away from any post, mailbox, street light, or other object.

Carts shall face the road with the lid opening toward the street (handles toward the house)

Not all materials that are marked as "recyclable" can be recycled in your curbside container. Please see the list below for acceptable items. If an item is not listed and you are in doubt - the guidance is to throw it out.

Plastic bags from grocery stores, plastic mailing envelopes, Plastic overwrap, Bread bags, zip lock bags and bubble wrap can be recycled at local grocery stores. DO NOT PLACE THESE ITEMS IN YOUR RECYCLING CART.

ccepted Materials

 Too Valuable to Waste: A six minute video illustrating how paper, plastics and other recyclables are changed into brand new products once they leave the curb - all while creating thousands of good jobs!

The Recycling Cycle: A video illustrating how your waste is recycled.

2023 recycling flier to mail to residents