Hydrant Flushing

Spring and Fall Flushing

All hydrants in the Village of Grafton are typically flushed in the Spring (April/May) and Fall (September/October) each year to eliminate sediment buildup and improve water quality.

The Utility will notify the public in advance of hydrant flushing by publishing notices of the anticipated flushing schedule in the News Graphic and Ozaukee Press. The notice is further posted on the Village website, the Village of Grafton - Department of Public Works Facebook page, and in Village buildings.

Here are a few things to remember during this process:

  •  Hydrant flushing stirs up naturally occurring minerals and sediment in the water mains, so water discoloration may happen! Although not a health risk, the Village recommends not using the water for drinking or cooking until it runs clear from the tap - this may take several minutes.
  • The Village recommends to avoid washing clothes if your water is discolored. Discolored water may cause staining.
  • If your water pressure is low after the hydrant flushing, check your faucet and washer screens for trapped debris.
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If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Utility Office at (262) 375-5330. Thank you for your cooperation!