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Payment Options

Please navigate to Payment Information tab on this website find helpful information regarding current rates, frequently asked questions and payment information.  We offer electronic billing and statements through Payment Services Network (PSN) for a convenient option to view and pay your bill at any time.  

Registration for electronic statements and bill pay can be found here.

To sign up for autopayment from a checking or savings account please fill out the form below and return via email.

ACH Form

Install a Deduct Meter

A deduct meter is a separate meter that measures the amount of water used for items such as lawns, outdoor plant watering, washing vehicles, filling pools , etc.  This is all water that does not go into the sanitary sewer system.  The amount that goes through the deduct meter is then subtracted from the Sewer Usage on your bill therefore no sewer charges are assessed for that water.  

Please click on this link to learn about the process required to have a deduct meter installed: More Detailed Information

Water Meter Replacement

The village is currently upgrading all of its meters to assist with more accurate readings.  Please call 262-375-5330 to schedule a meter change out ONLY if you have received a letter in the mail.  

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