Citizen Complaint Procedures

It is the policy of the Grafton Police Department that the integrity of the department and its employees be maintained through an internal system of investigation and review founded on objectivity, fairness, and justice, and while we strive for excellence, we also recognize that our officers are not perfect. The Department encourages citizens to bring forward legitimate grievances regarding the conduct of employees. The Department also recognizes that deliberately false accusations are occasionally made against the agency or its employees. Nevertheless, each accusation will be considered for investigative purposes to protect the integrity of the agency, its employees, and to install public trust and confidence in the agency.

Please read this letter carefully before completing the Grafton Police Department's External Complaint form.

Any written complaint submitted to the Department is a public record. This means that upon request, the complaint and any attachment(s) may be subject to disclosure to news media or any person requesting the documents. The Department is required by State Law to inform you that “whoever knowingly makes a false complaint regarding the conduct of a law enforcement officer is subject to a Class A forfeiture.”

If you decide to file a complaint with the Department, please complete the complaint form with as much detail as possible including specific dates, times, witnesses, officer name(s), badge/ID numbers, descriptions of officers involved, and why you feel the officers’ conduct was inappropriate. Finally, be sure to sign the complaint form.

In some cases, the department or officers involved may take your complaint to the Police and Fire Commission. Documents related to Police and Fire Commission proceedings are public records and are generally disclosable under Wisconsin Law.
Completed complaints can be mailed, faxed, or dropped off in person to the Chief of Police. The address is:

Grafton Police Department
Attn: Office of the Chief of Police
1981 Washington Street
Grafton, WI 53024