Police Department Policies


The publication of these policies marks an important milestone in the Grafton Police Department’s
continued pursuit for policing excellence. This living document provides an opportunity to employ
new practices and processes that help lay a foundation of trust and transparency and which puts
the Grafton Police Department in a position to be a model agency.

For those who participated in creating this document, please accept my deepest appreciation and
thanks for a job well done! For those who were not part of the policy development team, or did not
have an opportunity to provide input, we now ask for your assistance.

The development and implementation of this policy manual provides direction and guidance to
all members of the GPD. It reaffirms the administration’s commitment and responsibility to our
employees to develop their abilities and skills to meet the challenges of 21st Century policing.

Being that this is a living document, we are committed to the continuous review and updating of our
policies to meet the demands of not only our rapidly growing community but the rapid evolvement
of our society.  I encourage you to share your ideas on how we can make this an even better guide
toward achieving a safer and more efficient operation.

Jeff A. Caponera
Chief of Police