Operator's License

View operator's licensing information and forms.
Operator's License

Please return Operator's License application along with a copy of your Driver's License or State-Issued Photo ID. If returning the application in person, we can make a copy for you.

Applications for a new license must also be accompanied by a Certificate of Completion of a Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server's Program and/or a copy of a recent Operator's License issued by another Wisconsin municipality. This is not required if you are renewing a current Village of Grafton Operator's License. 

Retail Alcohol License

View the general licensing information and forms.
Original Retail Alcohol License
Renewal Alcohol License
Schedule for Appointment of Agent
Auxiliary Questionnaire
Picnic License
WI Alcohol and Tobacco Laws for Retailers

Tobacco Product License

View the Village application for cigarettes and other tobacco products.
Tobacco Product License

Coin Machine License

View the Village application for a Coin Machine License.
Coin Machine License

Hotel-Motel Permit

View the Village application for Hotel-Motel permit.