2017 Annual Program Budget

Table of Contents 
Community Profile
     Cover page 
     Village Board 
     Organizational Chart and Management Team 
     Background/General Information 

Budget Message 
     Village Administrator's Message 
     Budget Award - 2016 
     ICMA Certificate

Budget Structure 
     Strategic Plan 
     Fund Structure 
     Budgetary Basis 
     Overview of Budget Policies Presentation, and Process

Budget Overview 

     2017 Budget Facts 
     Budget Summary 
     Fund Summary 
     Combined Summary of Changes in Fund Balance 
     Personnel Schedule Summary 
     Summary of Revenues and Expenditures by Fund, Type and Category 
     Departments by Fund Classification

Revenue Analysis
     Long Term Financial Plan 
     Major Revenue Sources, Trends and Assumptions

General Fund
     General Fund Summary 
     General Fund Revenues 
     General Fund Expenditure Summary

General Government 
     Village Board 
     Village Hall 
     Village Promotion and Goodwill

Public Safety
Police Department
Police Administration
Police Operations
Police Station
Fire Protection and Rescue

Public Works
Street Repair and Maintenance
Street Cleaning
Snow and Ice Control
Traffic Control
Storm Water Management
Bridges and Dams
Equipment Repair and Maintenance
Municipal Services Facility
Recycling and Sanitation

Community Enrichment Services
Parks and Recreation Department
Adult Senior Center
Parks and Playgrounds
Woodlawn Cemetery

Conservation and Development 
Community Development


Special Revenue Funds
Summary of Special Revenue Funds
Park and Open Spaces Fund
Revolving Loan Fund
Parks and Recreational Facilities
Name and Location of Public Parks
Room Tax Fund
Fire Protection and Rescue
Woodlawn Cemetery Capital
Environmental Fund
Aquatics Fund
Recreation Fund

Debt Service Funds 
     Debt Service Fund Budget 
     Computation of Legal Debt Margin 
     Debt Service Fund - Notes and Bonds 
     Debt Service Revenues and Expenditures 
     Annual Debt Service Requirements of Outstanding G.O. Bonds and Notes 
     Impact Fee Fund 
 Capital Improvement Funds 
     Capital Improvement Funds Summary 
     Capital Project Fund 
     Equipment Fund 
     Fire Department Equipment Fund 
     TID No. 2 - Grafton Business Park 
     TID No. 3 - Downtown Redevelopment 
     TID No. 4 - South Commercial District 
     TID No. 5 - Grafton Commons 
 Fiduciary Fund 
     Woodlawn Cemetery 
 Proprietary Funds 
     Summary of Water and Wastewater Utilities 
     Water Utility 
     Wastewater Utility 
     Utility Capital Projects 
     Tax Rate 
     Personnel Schedule 
     Total Expenditure by Department 
     Summary of Expenses by Category 
     5 Year Capital Improvement Plan 
     Resolution Adopting the 2017 Annual Program Budget 
     Public Hearing Notice 
     Chart of Accounts 

2017 Annual Program Budget - Flipbook version 
2017 Annual Program Budget - PDF version / Bookmarked