2012 Poetry Paths Winners


Author / Location

Watching my toenails grow at snail pace

enjoying the sun weathering my face,

a hat lay beside my cushioned chair

but I relish the breeze lifting my hair.

The river flows beyond at lazy speed

beckoning my gaze so I give it heed,

watching two geese go swimming by

then I notice a hawk circling on high.

A smile hints of thinking history old

Grafton, preserved for us to now behold.

Patricia Bunkoske

933 6th Avenue

614 Washington Street

Little Things

God created us All

To dance and sing,

To Honor and obey,

To lead do not follow

And most of all to be a positive

Role model

Hannah Wendorf

944 5th Avenue

four eyes, two noses

wagging tail, cheek roses

one mile, two walking

two friends, one talking

one dog, one gal

two hearts, best pals.

Erika Petras

418 Spring Street

1023 7th Avenue


I’ve always liked paper.

Blank paper. White paper.

It always listens.

It is always there and never betrays.

Never judges. Never scowls.

Never preaches.

Never demands.

Perhaps that’s why I like it.

Blank paper. White paper.

Angela Mack

1060 6th Avenue


BEHOLD! I leap with excitement

at the dawning of this new day!

HEAR YE! A little rose bud

peaks itself out of my soul!

HEARKEN! The branches are stretching

and my heart is thawing.

It has been a long winter.


I am waking up.

Angela Mack

1134 5th Avenue


Where quiet trails wind the Lion’s woods

Where kilns remain where they once stood

Where crashing waves fall upon our shore

Where echoing blues are heard once more

Where a rushing river is over the falls

A kind, kindred spirit lives in us all

Carol Knott

1044 4th Avenue


To look, to see, yet never know

To search, to seek, and never grow

To slide, to drift, to miss the strife

To never care, you passed up life.

Dare to love, to follow life’s stream

Follow your heart, follow your dream

Dorothy Andrews

610 North Street