Recycling - The Do’s, The Don’ts

Do not put your recyclables in plastic bags, they should be loose in the cart. Paper may be placed in a paper bag.


Do Recycle unbroken glass containers such as applesauce jars, ketchup bottles, perfume bottles, wine and beer bottles. Clear, Green & Brown.

Don’t Recycle windows, mirrors, light bulbs and tubes, pyrex and dishes, drinking glasses, chemical bottles, medial container, or laboratory glass.

Your Glass becomes food containers, tiles, landscaping pebbles and road surfacing.


Do Recycle newspapers, magazines, cardboard and mixed papers such as corrugated boxes, cereal boxes, egg cartons, junk mail, envelopes, catalogs, telephones books, plain gift-wrap, books and stapled paper.

Don’t Recycle bathroom waste paper (towels, toilet paper), food-stained papers, foil or glitter gift wrap, carbon paper, cellophane, cloth, cork, foil, polystyrene Styrofoam, stickers, wet paper products, and those containing plastic, wax or metal foil coatings. Remove hot melt glue used to attach advertisements to the front of phone books and magazines.

Your Paper becomes newsprint, boxes, insulation and animal bedding. One Sunday paper recycled each month saves a tree a year.


Do Recycle aluminum and steel (which includes tin) in the form of beverage and food cans.

Don’t Recycle contaminated foil wrap, pop tops and other metals curbside. Instead, donate to charity usable items such as flatware, can openers and tools. Call a scrap metal company for heavy loads such as house siding, and gutters.

Your Aluminum becomes beverage cans, cookware, bike parts, and tennis rackets; old steel becomes new steel and may wind up as filing cabinets, auto parts, or appliances.

Plastics (1 thru 7)

Do Recycle all bottles and rigid containers, for example: beverage bottles, milk jugs, dish and laundry detergent bottles, and peanut butter jars with caps. (If there is not a recycling market for any type of plastic – it still will not go to our landfill)

Don’t Recycle plastic bags (take them to the grocery store for recycling), plastic wrap, spray nozzles and pumps, foam packaging (note: some packing peanuts are cornstarch base and dissolve in water). Donate usable items such as toys.

Your Plastic turns into beverage and shampoo bottles, fleece, pipes, fencing, deck planks and gutters, refuse & recycling carts. Recycling five soda bottles yields enough material for one square foot of carpet or fiberfill for a ski jacket.

All recyclables shall be mixed together in one 96 gallon container.