2011 Poetry Paths Winners

Poem Author / Location of Poem

The snow falls in December,

The snow swirls like it’s in a blender,

The wind blows as December goose,

Good-bye winter we know you were here,

I’ll watch you go as flowers grow.

Written by: Alexis Cabell

676 Elm Street


Rivers are rushing down the street.

Toads are hopping on the pavement.

I am sitting by the window.

Beep! Beep! Ducklings cross the street.

It is raining.

Nowhere to go.

Sit inside watching through the window.

Written by: Grace Gasser

763 9th Avenue

The Traveling Minstrel

The traveling minstrel plays the song.

The traveling minstrel

doesn’t belong

He plays the song

everyone wants to hear.

And at the end they always cheer.

But who plays for him when he is sad?

None other than

his own hand.

Written by: Angela Mack

721 10th Avenue
Set and make goals

Don’t give up when you try

Be brave and strong

Don’t hold back


Written by: Kaya Schanen

1046 Hickory Street

739 Overland Trail

The rain falls,

Pitter patter, pitter patter.

It doesn’t stop,

Pitter patter, pitter patter.

I am glad it doesn’t stop,

Pitter patter, pitter patter.

The rain feels cool on my skin,

I am thankful for the rain.

Written by: Brook Uihlein

519 Greenfield Avenue

706 North Avenue

The Show Must Go ON!

No matter how the actor feels…

The show must go ON!

If lights or sound may fail…

The show must go ON!

If sadness consumes.

If tragedy looms.

No matter.

If shattered.

The show must go ON!

Written by: Angela Mack

750 6th Avenue


Touching the



As it circles around it

Moving fast but nobody tries to catch it

Written by: Brook Uihlein

525 Woodridge

802 5th Avenue

Eighty-eight keys

Unlock the melodies to the stage.

Allow the piece to commence,

And play down the onyx fence.

Increase the tempo, and let its heartbeat sound.

Universal are the words.

It speaks a language of chords.

Bodiless is the pianist’s soul.

Written by: Lelaina Evans

1203 Woodridge

768 7th Avenue

Birds live in trees

Enjoying the summer breeze

Living proof of bliss

Like a gentle kiss

They flutter and dance

To bring on romance

A breath taking thing, these birds

I’m at a loss for words

Written by: Sophia Didier

715 6th Avenue

473 Overland Trail

Kids are running down the hallway,

Kids are bouncing off the walls.

I think their tiny feet

Are made from bouncy balls.

May is almost over-

June is so very near-

I think the kids are excited

For “pool-time” to be here!

Written by: Donna McCann

600 5th Avenue