The Village of Grafton is pleased to present an interactive dashboard providing users with financial and performance information. Dashboard” is a term now being used to refer to an electronic user interface that aims to integrate and organize information from multiple sources in a way that is easy to read. The Village Board and Village Staff strongly believe that the level of transparency inherent in the Dashboard system is the best way to inspire citizen confidence and foster understanding about the importance of strategic thinking in Village operations.

The financial dashboard provides information for the current year that is preliminary and un-audited. Reported prior years are final-audit figures.

The performance dashboard provides information regarding performance measures as reported by departments.

All General Fund departments by program area, as well as the Tax Incremental Districts, Water and Wastewater Utility, and Library are included in the Financial Dashboard. Current revenues and expenditures are provided and compared to the prior year data, as well as the expected amount for the current year.