Shed/Garage and Swimming Pool Regulations

Shed/Garage Information

Can be no larger than 150 square feet or higher than 15 feet.

Only 1 shed per property.

Developer approval may be needed if applicable.

Must be in rear yard, 30 foot setback for corner lots.

Minimum 3 feet from side or rear lot line, should not be located in easements.

Must be 10 feet from principal structure or any structure unless shed is fire walled with 5/8" firestop.

Must be securely anchored to withstand wind uplift of 20 pounds/per square foot, best is concrete slab with anchor bolts.


Attached ‑ Must go before Architectural Board, must meet yard setbacks.

Detached ‑ Shall follow the principal structure's side and rear required setbacks, can be no closer than 5 feet from house but then must be firewalled with 5/8" fire code drywall. Maximum height allowed is 15’.

Can have one attached garage and one detached garage, but can't exceed more than 20% of yard area.

Three car garage ‑ 720 square feet maximum, metal or wood frame.

Four car garage ‑ 1200 square feet maximum, must have all masonry walls.

Driveway and parking setback - minimum four feet to lot line.

Swimming Pools

Section 30.40 General Requirements

(1.) Type of Pools Requiring Permits

(a.) Above ground pools (except wading pools having a depth of less than two (2) feet and which are readily movable).

(b.) Inground Pools.

(c.) Public Pools -- All public pools constructed shall be built and maintained in accordance with the rules of the COMM 90.

(d.) Spas (outdoor).

(2.) General Pool Regulations

(a.) Location

1. No person, firm or corporation shall have a swimming pool or spa located in the front yard or side yard setback unless specifically allowed in the local zoning code.

2. Side and rear yard setbacks shall be a minimum of 10 feet from the property line or as regulated by the local zoning code.

3. Swimming pools shall not be located closer than four (4) feet to any wall, fence or structure.

(b.) Access

1. A fence or other solid structure of not less than 3-1/2 feet in height shall completely enclose said premises and/or swimming pool. There shall be no opening in said fence or wall larger than six (6) inches square. All gates or doors opening through such enclosure shall be kept securely closed at all times while unattended and shall be equipped with a self-closing and self-latching device designed capable of keeping such door or gate securely closed. Latches shall be located at least three (3) feet above the ground, accessible deck or stairs.

2. A fence is not required around an above ground pool where the pool wall is at least 3-1/2 feet above grade for the full pool perimeter. The finished grade shall be maintained for a minimum of 4 feet beyond the outside perimeter of the pool.

3. When not completely fenced, all ladders, steps or other means of access to an above ground pool shall be removed and/or designed to prevent access when the pool is unattended.

4. Spas shall be made inaccessible by a locking safety cover or other approved safety barrier when not in use.
(c.) Swimming Pool Decks -- All decks shall be constructed in accordance with the Uniform Building Code. Decking shall be considered an integral part of the swimming pool and shall comply with the applicable setback dimensions per the local zoning code.

(d.) Drainage -- In no case shall any swimming pool be drained onto lands of property owners other than the owner of the swimming pool. Drainage from said lot shall be in accordance with any local zoning ordinance.

(e.) Lighting -- Lights shall be erected so as to eliminate direct rays and minimize reflected rays of light onto adjoining properties and roadways. Lighting installation shall be done in accordance with the State of Wisconsin Electrical Code.

(f) Electrical – All wiring for pools and spas shall be done in accordance with the Wisconsin Electrical Code and/or local code.

(g) Pools and spas shall be separated from overhead and underground electrical wiring shall be in accordance with the State of Wisconsin Electrical code and/or local code.

(4.) Application for Permit.

The following information is necessary:

(a.) Survey or accurate drawing of the property, IN TRIPLICATE, showing all existing structures, proposed swimming pool or spa location, fencing if required, and overhead or underground electrical wiring.

1. Type of pool installation, above ground or inground.

2. Pool height above highest point of grade if above ground installations.

3. Type and height of fence, if proposed.

4. Type and support of decking, if proposed.

5. Overall size and locations of the above in regard to existing buildings and lot lines for property survey reference.

6. Any change in finished grade near pool.

7. Site inspection letter from a local wiring utility.

(b.) Two (2) copies of brochure which shows the type, style, etc. of the pool or spa to be installed.