Sidewalk Bonds

Purpose and Scope
The Grafton Village Board adopted regulations for the repair and replacement of public sidewalks within the Village limits in 2001. The construction and maintenance of public sidewalks is the responsibility of the abutting property owner. It is the duty of the abutting property owner to build, repair, construct and perpetually maintain sidewalks along or upon any street in the village and to pay the entire costs thereof, except as indicated below.

As part of the Village of Grafton Sidewalk Replacement Program, the Village replaces existing concrete sidewalk that poses a trip hazard based upon specific review criteria. There is no cost to the property owner for sidewalk replacement work completed within the scope of the Sidewalk Replacement Program.

Sidewalks Damaged During Construction
Sidewalks that are damaged as a result of construction activities are covered under the Sidewalk Bond provisions.

Sidewalks that are damaged as a result of construction activities are not a part of or repaired under the Village of Grafton Sidewalk Replacement Program.

Building Projects Requiring Sidewalk Bonds
Sidewalk bonds are required for all projects where the potential for damage to public sidewalk is probable as a result of construction related activities, with the exception of sheds, decks, and other structures that pose no potential damage to the sidewalk. The Director of Public Works makes determinations of the potential for damage to a public sidewalk.

Bond Amounts
The sidewalk bond amount is determined as follows: new one and two family homes have a flat fee of $2,000, building additions and garages have a flat fee of $500. All other general construction bonds shall be determined by frontage as follows:


1-100 Feet $2,000

Each additional 50 feet $ 500
Bond Forms
The actual bond may take one of the following forms: Bank bond, letter of credit, certified check, company check, or personal check.

Bond Posting
The sidewalk bond may be posted at the time a building permit is obtained. Bonds are posted at the Inspection Department as a courtesy and efficiency for building permit applicants and the Department of Public Works.

Although, the Inspection Department collects Sidewalk Bonds for construction projects, we do not have any other connection or involvement with Sidewalk Bonds aside from collection.

Administration, Maintenance, Inspection, Repair, Replacement, Procedures, Or The Release Of Sidewalk Bonds
If you have questions concerning the: administration, maintenance, inspection, repair, replacement, procedures, or the release of bonds for sidewalks, you need to contact the Village of Grafton Department of Public Works directly at 262-375-5325.