Sustainable Mission

Establish the Sustainable Grafton Ad Hoc Committee as an ad hoc committee, in order to advise the Village Board on implementation of sustainable practices, including the following recommendations:

Commit to sustainability by interdepartmental representation and cooperation. Reorganize across existing departments to integrate sustainable development into all Village functions and decisions.
Investigate and recommend financial resources for full-scale implementation of sustainable development. Pursue additional funding options for support of Village sustainability programs.
Recommend a green framework for all Grafton operations:

· Build Green – green building;
· Save Green – energy efficiency;
· Power Green – renewable energy;
· Buy Green – Village purchasing;
· Drive Green – alternative fuel for fleet, etc.; and
· Promote Green – recycling, environmental performance, environmental development, brownfields redevelopment, green meetings and events, green hotline, eco-tourism, and webpage.

Investigate and recommend policies and programs that promote sustainable development planning: e.g., transportation planning; urban heat island effects; low impact development; smart growth.
Develop a comprehensive educational effort to inform residents and businesses of Sustainable Grafton initiatives.
Develop annual reporting requirements for the Village and for each department to measure progress in implementing the Sustainable Grafton Program.