Go Green


At their June 2007 meeting, the Village of Grafton Finance Committee identified their support for the concept of sustainability and directed Village staff to focus on specific topics.

The Sustainable Mission identifies these topics as transportation, water quality / quantity and green buildings. The charge was to further evaluate in detail these topics and make recommendations on the same.

How can the residents of the Village of Grafton help? Visit this site often to see new ideas.

Consistent with the Village's new brand Quality Life. Naturally. the Village Board has adopted the new Grafton Sustainability Policy Guidelines.

Aurora Hospital Goes Green in Grafton

what Aurora Hospital is doing to be sustainable.

Wisconsin Be SMART Coalition

The Be SMART Coalition’s Recycle More Wisconsin campaign shows what items can be recycled, tells residents how to recycle more, and explains how recyclables are processed and shipped to companies who use them to manufacture new products.

The Wisconsin Be SMART Coalition, which stands for Save Money And Reduce Trash, is an award-winning partnership of 34 municipalities who are responsible for ensuring recycling compliance in their communities. The Coalition works with state agencies, non-profit and environmental organizations, business and schools to reduce waste, increase recycling, and conserve Wisconsin’s resources by preventing recyclables from going to waste in landfills.

For more information, please visit Wisconsin Be SMART Coalition.