Architectural Review Board


The Architectural Review Board is responsible for promoting compatible development, aesthetics, stability or property values, and to prevent impairment or depreciation of existing developments. No structure can be erected, moved, recostructed, extended, enlarged, or have its exterior altered or changed without the Architectural Review Board's approval.

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Required Materials

To ensure adequate staff review time, all potential agenda item materials shall be submitted prior to each scheduled monthly meeting. Ten colored copies (full-size) and one 11" x 17" copy of all materials shall be submitted to the Planning and Development Department by 3:00 pm of the deadline day, according to the schedule.


David Liss
Thomas Bartlein
Frank Lorbecki
Mark Paschke - Plan Commission Representative
Koby Scheel


Architectural Review Board meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm.
 2018 Architectural Review Board Meeting Dates and Submittal Deadlines 
 2019 Architectural Review Board Meeting Dates and Submittal Deadlines

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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