Site Plan Package Review

Elements Required

Individual Site Plan components may also be reviewed outside of the package.

Site Plan Review Application

Site Plan

One colored plan at a scale of 1" = 100' or less is required.


One colored Elevation at a scale of no less than 1/8" = 1' is required.

Grading / Landscaping / Screening Plans

These plans must be scaled at 1" = 100' or less. They must include existing and proposed contours at USGS standards, surface and storm water drainage, ponds, streams, and ditches. A landscape schedule indicating size, location, type, and height of landscape and screening materials is required at the time of installation. View the Landscape Plan Requirements.

Maintaining consistency with adjacent sites is very important. Existing wooded areas, water courses, and other scenic or significant vistas must be indicated.

Lighting Plan

A Lighting Plan shall accompany a Site Plan submittal, which includes any lighting proposed for the building, grounds, or parking lot. Lighting requirements are set forth in Division 19.05.0400 of the Zoning Code. In general, lighting plans should indicate the location, type, and illumination level (in foot-candles) of all outdoor lighting proposed to illuminate the site.

Utility System Plans

A Utility System Plan is required and must feature sewerage disposal with the location of pipes, septic fields, holding tanks, or sampling manholes; water supply source with locations of pipes or wells; locations of electric, gas, and cable; and locations and sizes of proposed easements.

Plan of Operation

See Site Plan Application

Natural Resource Protection Plan / Site Intensity Calculations

If natural resource features defined and described in Divisions 19.04.0100 and 19.09.0100 of this ordinance are present on a property for which any development approval is desired, a Natural Resource Protection Plan shall be submitted.

Storm Water Management Plan

Chapter 23 of the Municipal Code pertains to storm water management. These requirements are applicable to any residential land development with a gross area of one acre or more and any non-residential land development with a gross area of 1/2 acre or more.

Sign Plan

Signs may be included on the Elevation Plans, but if submitted separately, they must include a scaled sketch of the proposed signs, providing dimensions and area, text, lettering, colors, types of materials, method of illumination, height and dimensions of the pole or mounting bracket, ground sign site plan, and the date the Sign Plan was prepared. A summary of all existing signs that will remain on the site, including dimensions, is also required. Color samples (Pantone quality) are required, and material samples may be requested for the review process.

Please refer to Chapter 20 of the Municipal Code for sign regulations. If the project is located in the Central Business District (the Downtown), it is also subject to the Downtown Design Requirements, also found in Chapter 20.