Conditional Use Permit


Conditional Use Permit Application

Elements Required

Site Plan

One site plan scaled at 1" = 100' or less may be required depending on the project. 

Floor Plans

Floor plans must be at a scale of no less than 1/8" = 1'. Plans must include the proposed use(s) of all areas with dimensions shown, locations of all new construction and additions, locations of all exits and doorways, and indications of all walls, permanent fixtures, and major portable fixtures.


One colored elevation at a scale of no less than 1/8" = 1' is required. Elevations and/or perspective must show the type, texture, and color of all proposed materials and must be accurate as to the appearance of the final built structure. Adjacent structures must be shown. Samples of materials are required.

Utility System Plans

A plan of the system must feature sewerage disposal with the location of pipe, septic field, holding tank, or sampling manhole; water supply source with a location of pipe or well; electric, gas, and cable locations; and locations and sizes of proposed easement(s).

Grading, Landscaping, and/or Screening Plans

These plans must be scaled at 1" = 100' or less. Plans must include existing and proposed contours at USGS standards, surface and storm water drainage, ponds, streams, and ditches. A landscape schedule indicating size, location, type, and height of landscape and screening materials is required at the time of installation. Maintaining consistency with adjacent sites is very important. Existing wooded areas, water courses, and other scenic or significant vistas must be indicated. View the Landscape Plan Requirements.

Lighting Plan with Photometrics

A Lighting Plan shall accompany a Site Plan submittal, which includes an addition of new lighting on the building, grounds, or parking lot. Lighting requirements are set forth in Division 19.05.0400 of the Zoning Code. In general, the Lighting Plan shall indicate the location, type, and illumination level (in foot-candles) of all outdoor lighting proposed to illuminate the site.