Water Treatment


The water facilities include 66.2 miles of distribution mains, 6 deep wells, and 3 water towers with storage capacity totaling 800,000 gallons. This system provides groundwater supply to all industrial and commercial establishments within the Village, and all residents of the Village, including 2 subdivisions in the Town of Grafton. The water system’s “total firm capacity” (with the largest well out of service) is 4.0 mgd (million gallons per day). The current average day pumpage is 1.3 mgd.


The water is of generally high quality, although some water treatment is employed to improve characteristics and to meet "safe drinking water" standards. In that regard, fluoride is added at all supply wells for prevention of dental caries, and polyphosphates are added at Wells #3, #4, and #5 to alleviate the occurrence of “red water” and scale formation. In addition, “air stripping” of water supply has been implemented at Wells #4 and #5 for the removal of low levels of volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s). In conjunction with VOC’s treatment, chlorine addition has been implemented at these and other wells for disinfection and general "safe water" purposes. Also of note, the Grafton water supply contains approximately 21 grains of hardness, which is judged as “very hard water” and typically requires the private use of an "in-home" water softener.

Water Tower