Water Meters

Customers in the Village of Grafton have a water meter that is used by the Water Utility to measure water consumption for billing purposes. Water meters are most commonly located in a home's basement or a water closet. At times, it is necessary for the Utility to gain access to the meter for either maintenance purposes or to verify accuracy of readings. 

The Utility is nearing the completion of its Meter Replacement Program, which also requires access to the meter for it to be exchanged. If your residence or business is due for a water meter replacement and access is required, a notification/letter will be sent in the mail with instructions to set up an appointment. Please only call if you receive a letter in the mail.

Utility staff realize that it is increasingly difficult to provide meter access via appointments during working hours. We request everyone's cooperation in this regard and will make every effort to schedule meter access appointments at the convenience of the customer.

To learn more about the Village's Meter Replacement Program, please click here