Gypsy Moths

The Village is currently undergoing an infestation of the gypsy moth caterpillar.

Some Village residents have reported gypsy moth caterpillars in their trees or in Village trees in front of their home. The caterpillars can be identified by their distinctly bristly body with five pair of blue warts and six pair of red warts running down their back.

If you see any areas affected by gypsy moths, please contact the Department of Public Works by email or by calling (262) 375-5325.

Types of Gypsy Moths
  • Caterpillars (Larvae) - Hatch in early to mid-May and feed through June
  • Pupae - Similar to cocoons and are present from late June to late July
  • Adult Moths - Emerge from pupae in mid-July to late July and may be seen until the following May
  • Egg Masses - Laid in late July and August and will not hatch until the following May
Additional Information
For more information, please call (800) 642-MOTH or visit Gypsy Moths in Wisconsin.