Leaf Collection

Mulch the leaves this year

Consider mulching your leaves this year. It is much easier on your back and better for your lawn. In addition, here are some other benefits:
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increases the health of your lawn
  • Reduces the need to purchase fertilizer for your lawn
  • Saves on Village resources
Mulching with a lawn mower is easy. Raise the mower to the highest setting and mow as usual. If you have a lot of leaves, it might take two passes. The most important thing to remember is to do this when the leaves are dry.

View a short video on mulching leaves with a mower.

Make use of the leaves around your home

  • Spread leaves (or mulched leaves) as a protective cover for tender perennials, root crops or bulbs.
  • Create a compost-like material called leaf mold.
  • Add brown leaves to the green materials in your compost pile. The ration should be 75% brown to 25% green.
  • Store dry, tightly packed, mulched leaves in bags and use them an insulation. These are especially good to place around planting containers to protect them from frost. Then in spring, use these leaves in the garden as a weed barrier.
  • Gather a few of your favorite-colored fall leaves and preserve them. Using an iron, press them between two sheets of waxed paper until the paper seals together, or use clear contact paper to achieve the same effect.

Curbside Leaf Collection

Curbside leaf collection begins on or about October 15 and will continue until approximately December 1, as weather permits

Leaves should be raked into the street, next to the curb, in low piles. If you have leaves at your curb and snow is predicted; we strongly suggest you pick the leaves up as they will be plowed back into the yard.

Please keep in mind that Village crews cannot be on every street every day. Crews typically begin their final sweep through the Village the Monday after Thanksgiving. Once you have had collection that week, we are done. Again, please keep in mind that leaf collection is weather dependent and collection is not guaranteed. 

There is no curbside leaf collection in the spring of the year.


Grass, leaves, and garden waste are composted at the Residential Yard Waste Site, 2266 Lakefield Road. The site is fully automated and access is available 7 days per week during daylight hours. An access card is needed, the card can be obtained at the Public Works office - 675 North Green Bay Road.

Preparing for Leaf Collection

For information, please view How to Prepare for Leaf Collection.