Brush Collection

Collection Times

Disposal of brush is the responsibility of the contractor for all contracted tree trimming. Curbside brush collection is to assist residents with disposal of branches they have trimmed from their trees, it is not intended for entire tree removals.

Brush collection is done on Tuesdays, weekly from April through October.

You must schedule pick-up prior to Monday at 2:30 pm:

Please state name and address of the pick-up.

The reason you must call before 2:30 pm on Monday is to allow staff sufficient time to prepare the route maps for the crews. We have found that the call in system saves many man hours and fuel costs, as well as reducing workman's compensation claims.


Brush must:

  • Be at the curb by 7:00 am on Tuesday
  • Be on the grass between the sidewalk and curb
  • All butt-ends must follow the flow of traffic. (i.e. If your brush was a parked car the cut ends would be the engine and the bushy part would be the trunk)

Brush will not be accepted if it is:

  • Bundled with any type of string or twine
  • Larger than six inches in diameter
  • Placed in the street or gutter

Longer branches are encouraged. Stumps will be collected when brush collection is completed.

Garden waste, leaves, and grass are not chippable materials and must be taken to the yard waste disposal site.

Woodchips are available for delivery to Village Residents. Delivery is typically on Tuesdays following branch collection/chipping. Please see the Woodchip Agreement for specific details. The size of the load will vary depending on the number and types of branches that are chipped on any particular Tuesday.

Image of a typical load of woodchips.