Too Valuable to Waste: A six minute video illustrating how paper, plastics and other recyclables are changed into brand new products once they leave the curb - all while creating thousands of good jobs!

The Recycling Cycle: A video illustrating how your waste is recycled.

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Recycling Collection

Recycling collection in done on a bi-weekly basis and is provided to:
  • Single Family residences
  • Apartment buildings with four or less dwelling units
  • Small businesses that generate no more than one 96-gallon refuse container per week
Recycling Calendar

All recyclables must be placed into your recycle cart and placed at the curb on your designated day for collection. (Recycling Calendar)

If you are an avid recycler and have more recyclables than what fit into one cart on a regular basis, you may request an additional recycling cart for no additional charge. Call the Public Works Department, (262) 375-5325, to make the request.

Place your cart at the end of your driveway or on the grass between the sidewalk and curb. The carts shall be 3 feet apart from each other and at least 3 feet away from any post, mailbox, street light, or other object.

Carts shall face the road as indicated by the arrow on the cart (handles toward the house)

The Village is paying for a fully automated collection system, which means that the driver should not have to get out of the truck to complete the collection. There is a mechanical arm that reaches out from the side of the truck, grabs the cart, dumps it, and then returns the cart to the curb. This is why it is so important to have your carts out correctly.

Accepted Materials

  • Glass - bottles and jars (all colors)
    • No windows, mirrors, Pyrex, or drinking glasses
  • Aluminum, tin, and steel cans
    • No aluminum foil or food trays
  • Plastic containers
    • All bottles and rigid containers labeled 1 thru 7
  • Newspapers and cardboard
    • This includes newspapers, magazines, phone books, junk mail and envelopes
    • Corrugated cardboard or paperboard including cereal boxes, kleenex boxes, egg cartons
  • Click Here for a 2-page summary from Waste Management of what is and is not recyclable


Electronic Recycling

The Public Works Department, 675 North Green Bay Road, accepts electronics for recycling during regular business hours (M-F, 7-3:30). Electronics include but are not limited to: computers, monitors, printers, DVD players, VCR's, and stereos. Electronics will be accepted at the office with proof of Village residency.

Televisions are accepted, however there is a fee:
$35 if the TV is 30 inches or smaller / $45 if the TV is over 30 inches
All monitors are $10.
There is no charge for all other electronics.

You can obtain additional recycling information and updates at: Wisconsin DNR.

Appliance Recycling

The Public Works Department, 675 North Green Bay Road, will accept all major household appliances including:
Air Conditioners / Dehumidifiers Refrigerators
Microwaves / Water Coolers  / Freezers
Water Heaters / Washers / Stoves
Oven/Ranges / Dryers / Dishwashers

There is no charge for this service, however you must register in the front office and be able to unload the appliance without assistance.

Hours for appliance drop off are Monday-Friday 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM


According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, single-use alkaline batteries have little recycling value and may be safely thrown in the trash. Interested to learn more? Click here to learn more from WI DNR. Click here to learn more from the EPA.

The following types of batteries are accepted at the Municipal Services Facility, 675 North Green Bay Road for recycling:
Rechargeable household (AA, AAA, 9-Volt, C, D, etc)
Nickel Cadmium (used in cordless phones, calculators, tool battery packs)
Nickel Metal Hydride (used in cameras, back-up battery packs, emergency lights)
Lithium Ion & Polymer (used in cell phones, laptops, watches, tool battery packs)

(There is no charge for this service) 

Fluorescent bulbs

The Village does NOT accept fluorescent tubes or compact fluorescent bulbs. These items are considered a hazardous material and cannot be disposed of with the trash. Fluorescent tubes and bulbs are accepted at Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLC., 1275 Mineral Springs Drive, Port Washington, WI - 262-243-8998. There will be a nominal fee for this service. 

Woodchip Program

Due to the curbside brush collection service, the Village has a surplus of woodchips.

Residents can pick up woodchips at the residential yard waste site, 2266 Lakefield Road. You need to bring a container and a pitch fork or shovel. The Village will deliver woodchips, however the Woodchip Agreement needs to be completed and sent to the Public Works Department.

Please note that if woodchips are delivered, a resident must accept a full truck load (approximately 10 yards) and the Village will not come back to pick up any unused woodchips.

A yard access card will be required to obtain access to the yard. The card can be purchased at the Municipal Services Facility, 675 North Green Bay Road. The initial cost of the access card is $30 and the annual renewal costs is $25.