Woodlawn Cemetery

Woodlawn Cemetery is located at the corner of North Street and 3rd Avenue. Woodlawn Cemetery is a Village owned cemetery that provides burial sites and cemetery services on a nondenominational basis. This municipal cemetery is nonsectarian/nondenominational. For more information contact the Community Development Department at 262-375-5303.

The Woodlawn Cemetery is managed by two accounts: A Capital Account Fund and a Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund. Proceeds from lot sales are equally divided between the two accounts.

Available Lots
No lot sales occur in sections A & B. A & B are older sections of the cemetery and are only available for interments of previously owned lots and family plots. These sections are located west of the north/south drive and directly south of North Street.

Currently, only single lot sales are occurring in sections C thru F. North Street, 3rd Avenue and the cemetery drive bound these sections. Limited availability.

Currently, lot sales are occurring in sections I thru L. These sections are governed by different regulations than the other sections of the cemetery to maintain the wooded areas and openness of this area. Not more than one memorial monument or marker may be located on any lot, with the exception of approved war or service markers. All memorial monuments and markers shall be of flush bronze, granite or marble type. Lot owners shall have the right to place one vase or wreath per grave. The cultivation of trees, shrubs and plants within the lot are prohibited.

Cemetery Layout

Perpetual Care

Perpetual care for the cemetery grounds is included in the purchase of burial sites. Perpetual care does not include the planting of perennials, annuals, bedding plants, shrubs, etc. 


All monuments shall be placed with and on a proper foundation of poured monolithic concrete. Section A – F monument bases shall not exceed a maximum of 9“ high. Section A – F monuments shall not exceed 24” in height, not including the height of the monument base. Above grade monuments are not allowed in sections I thru L.

Plantings, Shrubs, and other Decorative Items

The planting of perennials, annuals, bedding plants, shrubs, etc. if allowed, is not the responsibility of the cemetery. If plantings, shrubs or other decorative items do not comply with cemetery rules, they may be removed without prior notice at the discretion of the cemetery superintendent. Graves that contain numerous types of items may not be maintained or trimmed due to the number and type of items located on the grave, this determination is at the discretion of the Community Development Department.