Assessment Division

Village-Wide Property Assessment Revaluation

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The Village has contracted with Associated Appraisals to conduct a revaluation of all properties. This is a Village-wide complete and thorough review of all property assessments.  Value adjustments will be made where necessary to guarantee that all property is assessed at market value. This ensures that taxes are distributed equitably. The last Village-wide revaluation was over 15 years ago and Grafton has fallen outside the acceptable range of assessed to equalized valuation ratio. State law requires this ratio to be within 10% of the 100% equalized value set by the State. 

Important information About Your Notice of Assessment

Questions? Please contact Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc. Phone: (920) 749-1995 or e


 Nov 2019  -     Aug 2020  Associated Appraisals conducts initial property visits (you will receive a letter in the mail with more information)
 Jan - Mar 2020  Associated Appraisal processes data and prepares new assessments
 May - Jul 2020  Associated Appraisal conducts 
 Sep 23, 2020  Associated Appraisal mails notices of assessment to all properties
 Sep - Oct 2020  Open Book Period (please call Associate Appraisals at 920-749-1995 to schedule an appointment, if desired)
Oct 28, 2020  Board of Review meetings
 Oct 2020  Send final assessment values to State
 Dec 1, 2020  2020 Property tax bills are mailed based upon new assessed values

Fair and Equitable Assessments

The Assessors Office is committed to providing fair and equitable assessments for all properties in the Village.

The annual assessment roll is prepared in accordance with:
  • Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 70
  • Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual
  • Professionally accepted appraisal practices


Assessed values determine the amount of general property tax charged to each property owner.

The 2019 ratio of assessment to market value was .8179.

2019 Personal Property Assessment Roll

2019 Real Estate Assessment Roll

All assessment staff are certified by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Assessment Database Access System

2019 Values

Grafton Property System On-line